LocalPhone adds more countries to Cheap International Calls Service

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LocalPhone is surely one of those startups which stands out in today's competitive cheap international calls market. The only reason is they have access numbers which makes it one of the most easiest cheap international call service to use today.

Finally they added my country, Singapore to the list and that's not all, In total LocalPhone has added over 41 countries to their service. In USA, they have added 80 new location and access numbers across 21 states

What this means is you can now get local access numbers to make cheap VOIP Calls on the go. With over 66000 access numbers all across the world, Local Phone is perhaps the biggest access number based VOIP service in the world.

We wrote a post on Local Phone a few days back, which should get you started.

Local Phone has a sleek interface and the best part is if you switch countries you can change your access number on the fly from your dashboard, which will immediately let you make calls locally in that country. For e.g If you’re travelling, work in a different area code, or just want to share your account with friends and family in a different city or country it’s easy to get a new list of local access numbers at any time. Just log in to your Localphone account and update “Your Location” in the dashboard sidebar.

I am sure most of you have difficulty to understand how Local Phone actually works.

1) You have a friend in India whom you want to call but you live in London
2) You signup at Local Phone
3)Now go to dashboard, Add your landline/Mobile phone from where you will be calling Local Phone Access number. That means, they won't ask your for PIN code each time.
4)Now add your friend's number, Local Phone will immediately assign a local UK (London) number for you to call.
5) Now Pickup your phone and dial that london access number.
6) Your friend's phone will start to ring and now start talking.

Local Phone offers very competitive rates if not the most cheapest. India is at around 5 cents per minute, not bad.

We received a lot of good feedback about this service and now since it's available for me in Singapore, am going to use it more often. If you are a existing user, please let us know your comments on the overall Quality/Service and reliability of LocalPhone.

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