Get Free Anonymous Incoming Phone Number and Call Forwarding

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Do you want to expose your phone number online? Never. How about a VOIP forwarding service which lets you pick a phone number and forward it to your mobile/Landline and lets you deal anonymously?

In USA alone, there are cases of Identity theft which are also related to your phone numbers, so giving out your home phone number or mobile number over the internet isn't really safe. Now stop worrying about it.

inumbr offers totally free incoming USA phone numbers, which you can call forward to your home/mobile number free.

Let's see how Inumbr actually works:

1) Go to inumbr

2) Now Click on Get a Free inumbr, You should see the following, Of course every time a new number is generated.

3) You now have option to chose the expiry of your free incoming number, the max is 1 month.
4) You should then enter your USA number where you would like your calls to be forwarded. If you like to add a secondary line, they would divert calls to this line if the primary number fails or unreachable.
5) There are a bunch of options under more call controls and worth checking. Best is don't accept calls from telemarketers :-)

iNumbr is a must have if you have activity online which requires you to reveal your phone number now no one can really bother you, you can always disconnect the service even before the expiry of the free phone number.

Give them a try, Its FREE and its worthwhile.

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