Reliance India Call Review and Promotion Coupons

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Who doesn't know about Reliance India Call? It's one of the fastest growing Calling service for Indians abroad. Today, we closely do Reliance India Call Review.

For newbies, Reliance India Call is a service operated by Reliance Communications Limited. Reliance India Call recently changed their brand name to Reliance Global Call and they operate in over 8 countries (USA,Canada,UK,Australia,NZ,Singapore,Hong Kong & Malaysia).

We tested Reliance India Call this week to see how good is the voice quality compared to some of the other cheap international calls to India Providers such as MediaRingTalk , LocalPhone etc. I must say Voice Quality is excellent as good as your landline phone, however when it comes to cost Reliance India Call is definately not the cheapest call service for India.

The normal calling rate for India on Reliance India Call is 7.9 cents/min which is extremely high compared to other VOIP Providers. However, they are currently running a promotion during Diwali season which lets you make calls at 5.1 cents/min. WAIT, don't fall for this yet. We did a bit more investigation and found that 5.1 cents per mins only applied for recharge or new accounts and secondly, its only available if you call a Reliance phone line in India. Whoa, Reliance India Call is basically ripping you off when they say Reliance to Reliance is 5.1 cents lol, they route via their own private SIP network which cost them nothing. They could have easily lower this down to 1-2 cents per minute.

Let me share a insider story that most of you guys wouldn't know. I met up with CEO of one of the large VOIP provider, he told me that they buy minutes from Reliance at 1.50 cents per minute (wholesale rate). Now you know what happens behind the scene and who charges you want. These E1 rates never go mainstrem, I know everyone wants to make profit but Reliance India Call can always offer at around 2 cents per minute using their own reliance international calling network.

Reliance India Call also has promotion Coupons and Codes which come up once in a while. If anyone has information regarding Reliance India Call Promotion Coupons please share with everyone.

Overall, we feel Reliance India Call is probably not worth your money unless they start offering calls to India at 2 cents per minute or close to that.

If you are a existing Reliance India Call user do let us know your feedback.

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