Tabrio offers Cheap International Call Services

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We are really happy to see that more and more cheap VOIP Providers such as tabrio are launching every month, which creates some stiff competition in this market and in turn benefit us consumers.

Tabrio is one such company which offers a multi-usage VOIP platform (Web,Mobile,Phone to Phone or via Tabrio branded softphone). Eventually VOIP companies will move to the all-in-one model which integrates all these services under one roof.

Tabrio is currently offering $5 trial calls and SMS if you signup for their service. It's a trial to check their voice quality and service. We found Tabrio to be one of the good ones out there in terms of voice quality. $5 call credit can give you upto 30-60 minutes of call credit, of course depends on where you want to call.

We noticed that when you switch between their call model, the voice quality somewhat varies which could be because of the different routes using different technology to route calls. Web call works great. Tabrio Desktop version has good quality too. Outlook plugin sometimes works weird, but this could be because of the MS outlook issues. Seriously the best part of Tabrio service is it's interface, very sleek and professional. However to survive in this cheap international calls business you prolly need more than that :-)

Tabrio Mobile works via TXT based call-back system.

How to Make calls with Tabrio Mobile?

CALL number
CALL contact
Ex. 'CALL 17789877444' or 'CALL mom' (Here you obviously saved the contact number as mom in your adress book, which Tabrio will automatically recognise.)

A few thing Tabrio could do to make their service even better:

1)Make calling rates more competitive
2)Offer Text messages in-network FREE
3)Deliver Ads via Tabrio Desktop version and make calls to certain countries free. Make this geographic to make sure they make money :-)

Overall Tabrio has started on a good ground but there is lot to do. However this should not stop you from trying them. Try Tabrio today with $5 free call credit.

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