LocalPhone reduces international calling rates

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Many VOIP Providers are currently running promotions by cutting international call rates due to festive season but LocalPhone has decided to cut down rates flat-out across 100 calling destinations.

Local Phone has fast gained popularity among VOIP users all over the world for it's simplicity and honestly my favorite VOIP provider at the moment. Really awesome call quality. There are however issues with their access numbers once in a while, I believe its actually with the DTMF tones while dialing account number/PIN, but after a few tries it works OK.

Local Phone has reduced rates to various destinations by over 20%.

Some of the new rates to destionations:

1) Australia 1.6c 1c
2) India 5c 3.9c
3) Pakistan 8.9c 7.1c
4) Thailand 1.5c 1.2c

It's really a good deal at 3.9 cents per minute with high quality calls and you can call using your landline or mobile phone. Local Phone has access numbers in many countries.

There are no special offers for Diwali however 3.9 cents per minute to India will stay beyong diwali so its a allout reduced rates.

We strongly suggest you give them try. If you are currently using LocalPhone, let us know your experience.

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