Ring Plus offers free international calls

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Just in time for your festive calls need, we found a provider who would let you make absolutely free voip international call in lieu of advertisements.

I mentioned this many times that VOIP Providers are now moving towards the advertisement based model to cover up cost and if possible make some profit out of the free international calls service.

Ring Plus is one of the latest entrants in the free international calls space. They provide totally free international calls service to any country in the world (assume that some premium numbers are blocked, most likely calls to africa/UK mobile would be blocked). It's not one of those quick start scam free calls services like evaphone. Evaphone is probably the biggest scam ever hit the Free VOIP space. Seriously their 5 secs of free international calls is a joke.

Ring Plus however allows you to make calls to many countries and each call can last upto an hour. Ring Plus basically replaces the ring tone with advertisement, so when you make calls with Ring Plus. Ring plus tries to connect to your calling party but instead of you hearing a ring on their phone, you hear the advertisement which is basically replacing the ring, thereby cutting down the wait time for you. The call is then connected and you can talk for upto 1 hour. I am sure this varies with destination.

However there is a catch. You need to literally open your personal information to Ring Plus. Very similar to Plumble which hijacks your conversation. Ring Plus asks for personal information in order to personalise your Advertisement. If you are a college student, be ready to listen to College Loan Consolidation Service Ad.

Ring Plus is only available in the USA and I would say they would restrict to USA only. We strongly suggest you give them a try and let us know your experience with Ring Plus.

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