Cheap VOIP International Calls to India at 2.95 Cents

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Finally We can confirm that VOIP Providers have started the pricewar in VOIP industry. With every other VOIP service Provider is lowering calling rates,Its the best time for the consumer and we aint complaining :-)

Tringme, VOIP Provider from India has lowered calling rates to as low as 1 cents per minute and you can now call India at 2.95 cents per minute. Possibly the best rate available in the market today. Don't compare Tringme with Betamax, there are many hidden charges with Betamax and obviously the risk of loosing your account :-(

Some new Calling Rates by Tringme, are as follows:

India: 2.95 cents
US: 1 cent
Uk: 1 cent
Singapore: 1 cents
China: 1.3 cents

This offer is applicable to existing and new customers both.

I have also noticed that lately, Tringme has improved a lot on their call quality. Nothing much to say here, Just give them a try, and save some money in this economy. Penny saved is penny earned.

Tringme Calling Rates is possibly a trigger in this highly competitive Cheap International call market, we might possibly see reactions from other providers such as Local Phone etc. Wait and watch and lets hope that calling India will become 1 cents per minute soon.

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