Voxox offers Free VOIP and Video Conferencing

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While lurking around to find the next big VOIP Provider, we noticed a new Free VOIP Calls and Video Conferencing Provider who is giving away 1200 mins of Free VOIP calls.

VoxOx is a Free Phone Service and Video Conferencing Service. A San Diego-based telecom provider, Telcentris, Inc has launched their public beta of a web-based calling service, VoxOx. Interesting they also offer a VoxOx Phone number (USA Phone number) which you can take with you anywhere and forward calls to your regular phone. This service is called VoxOx Reach Me.

VoxOx is aiming for the big fish Skype. They are trying to get you out of the Skype hangover and get your settled within their Free VOIP application. As a part of the beta, they are offering 2 Hours of Free international calls. Please note they are still have issues with their Web Portal Login however their VoxOx application works fine which will let you call and make Video conference calls.

On a whole, Looks like a good application but needs some quick dirty fixes to get it running smoothly. I can say, A long way to go to get Skype out of the market. Many people tried without any luck, you are the next one in the pipeline.

I always Skype won't be beaten by anyone but themselves. MARK MY WORD.

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