Future of HD Video Conferencing

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As we said earlier, Video Conferencing Market is growing rapidly and will continue to grow at 20%-30% YOY growth when companies are switching to Video Conference callFacilities instead of flying around people to their offices.

The annual savings on Travel can surely contribute towards building a in-house Video Conferencing system. The leaders being Tandberg and Polycom for Video Conference Facilities and in Web Based commercial conference systems, WebEx and GoToMeeting has significant share. However don't yet rule out interesting Conference2.0 Products such as DimDim(built by Indians).

Once companies move to Video Conferencing and with the latest craze about HDTV Video, more and more video conferencing companies are looking to make HD Video conferencing a possibility. Companies such as Vidyo claim to offer HD Video conferencing at 60 frames/second over the internet. Of course, all thanks to the latest technology H.264 standard for video compression which allows you tranfer compressed data over Video conference. In VOIP, companies like FlashPhone are implementing Video Conference Calls over SIP using H.263.

HD Video Conferencing physical facilities are however scarce at the moment and its very unlikely that companies would invest considering global slowdown. It would take some time for companies like Vidyo, Lifesize, Polycom and Tandberg to actually make a bigger headway in this market. However, this would become a huge market by 2012 and would most likely overtake the Traditional Video Conference facilities.

Innovation is the key. There are Workgroups already working on improving H.264 to H.265. H.265 would be desired to be 50% more efficient than H.264 in delivery a Video Conference. Either way, Video Conferencing would be huge in the coming days.

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