Jaduka DukaUS launched Free Conference Calls

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Jaduka is back with another VOIP app, this time for making Web based Conference Calls. They have launched another Labs product to make totally free conference calls in USA and Canada.

Jaduka is known for VOIP applications such as EarthCaller, DukaDial etc. One of the most innovative and quality driven approach to build world class VOIP application has always been their motive. We have always supported them.

DukaUS, the new free conference call service will let you make totally free conference calls to upto 5 participants. dukaUS automatically calls each guest and invites them to join your conference. Just like any other Jaduka apps, DukaUS is easy to use. No Reseveration based conference calls, no tedious conference bridge settings. You are good to go with a few mouse clicks.

At this time, DukaUS conference calling service supports United States and Canadian telephone numbers ONLY. Each account is allocated a maximum of 30 minutes per day of group calling. Not bad really.

. Call quality is very good because they are not using VOIP, but the regular telephone network to connect calls—and no one gets charged for minutes—you don’t get charged and neither do the people you conference. You can create and moderate free telephone conferences for up to 5 people.

How to use DukaUS Free Conference Call Service?
1) In order to use DukaUS Free Conference Call service, you need to register an account at Jaduka Labs
2) In Conference Leader, Put your name and Phone Number.
3) Under Participant, Put their name and Phone number.
4) You can do conference call with upto 5 people.
5) Then click Start Conference. The Call will be placed to you first and then to rest of the 5 conference call participants. Everyone will be connected and conference call can then begin for 30 minutes.

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