GrandCentral VOIP on Mac with Vocito

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Ever wanted to use GrandCentral VOIP Service via a Softphone? Your wish has come true. You can now use Grandcentral VOIP right from your desktop using a SoftPhone GUI.

Vocito is a desktop UI for GrandCentral for the Mac(All variations of Mac like Macbook etc). It works on Tiger and Leopard, is both PowerPC and Intel native, and is fully open sourced. It allows you to use your existing GrandCentral account to make calls out to anybody in the USA and as Grancentral gives you free calls to USA, you can pretty much call anybody in USA for FREE. Using GrandCentral, Vocito will dial the remote phone and your local phone simultaneously and connect you together.

It integrates into Address Book, Quicksilver, Automater, system services, supports "tel" URLs, and is fully AppleScriptable.

GrandCentral Address Book

All this integration makes it easy to have Vocito automatically dial your phone from just about any application that supports scripting, html, or Automator actions. For example, you can easily set up your iCal meeting appointment to automatically dial the conference call for you at the correct time.

Vocito for GrandCentral VOIP is available for Download. Try it out if you already have GrandCentral VOIP account and have Mac.

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