iNum launches +883 VOIP Code numbers

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Do you fancy having a very own VOIP Phone number Country Codes? Then your wish has been granted by iNum. Although, sounds extemely similar to the concept of ENUM, iNum provides much more than ENUM.

Electronic Numbering (ENUM) is a protocol developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to allow the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Internet to interoperate. iNum is an initiative of VoxBone and Voxeo.

iNum takes the ENUM concept to next level by actually assigning a +883 Country Code Global Phone number to you. That means, it doesnt matter where in the world you are you would continue to receive calls to your +883 number and without any roaming charges. This is still very new so routing your calls via other telecom carriers will be a challange for iNum.

One of the most important information lacking at the moment is how someone is able to use the iNum? Via VOIP (most common guess)? So still need VOIP Softphone or iNum SIP details on your SIP enabled phone and then someone can call you. However they could might as well call you using a SIP Softphone with an extension. Secondly, they can also call using ENUM provided by VoxAlot. This vital information is currently extremely confusing. I am sure 90% people would never even thought about how to port this to your phone?
iNum has however partnered with leading VOIP Providers to route calls via their networks and allow cross-network calling. VOIP Providers like Rebtel, Gizmo5 are already leveraging on this opportunity to connect and get more people on their platform. I am sure more VOIP Providers will jump into this madness :-). You can check the current list of iNum Partners. They have also released the local phone numbers in order to reach a iNum.

How do you test iNum? You can either register yourself at their website and wait for them to assign you an iNum. Remember currently iNum is in closed beta.

Where do I see iNum Going?

1) Mobile operators will jump on this as iNum goes mainstream. Of course, although the word 'Free VOIP' sounds too good, it won't be free. iNum will be issues for FREE however calling the iNum will be charged by respective telecom operators. Might be cheaper than usual.
2) iNum will extend it's service to deliver Video Conferencing, File sharing etc in future.
3) iNum can be called using SIP, direct 883 dialing (need operator intervention once it hits PSTN).

Either way, I am still wondering why iNum is better than SIP broker's ENUM . If ENUM is already doing this for years, iNum is potential a copycat? Can somoene enlighten me?

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