How to Call RingPlus Free VOIP International Call Gateway

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Ring Plus is definately the most read post on VOIP Guide last week, primarily because they offer the best free international voip call anywhere in the world. However I noticed some people are confused about How to use Ring Plus from outside USA or call their USA number via one of the free international call program to save on local call cost.

Let's look at various options to call RingPlus Access numbers:

1) Gizmo5 Backdoor Dialing: Gizmo5 has one of the best feature which keeps me with them, the backdoor dialing. Its just like good ol' VOIP hacking, well sorta. Since there are lot of Digital home phone providers like PhonePower, Lingo etc which run on VOIP and obviously there are numbers are ported on the VOIP network, easily accessible for In-Network calling or SIP-SIP calling. Gizmo5 uses this loophole (or should i say technology) to dial these numbers out for FREE, coz SIP to SIP is always a free call.

However not all ?USA numbers are not under backdoor dialing, there are about 11% phone provider in usa are covered under Gizmo5 backdoor dialing. We need to find out which Ring Plus number is always for backdoor dialing. You can check it out at Gizmo 5.To give you one quick ready number which works on Gizmo5 is +12024460316. Wait, you need to dial with a prefix like call this number for free by dialing 0101-2024460316. This way you can call this number without any restriction and it does not have any limit on time. Once you are connected to Ring Plus Gateway, validate your login and start making calls.

2) DukaDial: This works only for americans. If you don't have unlimited USA phone plan with your home phone line, you would end up paying some money while calling Ring Plus. Let's avoid it, I am assuming there are no cost for receiving calls.
Use DukaDial to make free calls to any usa number, its a phone to phone service. Enter your number and then enter destination number (Ring Plus Gateway). DukaDial will first call you and then call ringplus number this way you would save on the local call cost as well :-)

3)EarthCaller: Works for anywhere in the world. However you need IE7 for earthcaller to work. Extremely simple, login and start making calls to Ring plus gateway.

4)Mediaringtalk: You need to download their softphone. Gives you 10 min per call, you can dial the same number again and again upto 4-5 times max within a day.

Let me know if i missed out a VOIP Provider which can possibly give free calls to ring plus gateway.

Now it doesn't matter where you live you can use Ring Plus and make calls anywhere in the world including India. The call quality can make some of the large VOIP provider think twice about their infrastructure :-)

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