Sify Talk offers unlimited Calls to USA UK Canada

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While reading Earnings Report as part of my daily reading, I noticed that Sify has a interesting VOIP service called Sify Talk which seem to be offer unlimited Free international calls to USA, UK and Canada.

Sify Talk is part of Satyam-Sify venture and monthly VOIP plans. For about Rs.499, you can make unlimited calls to one number in US, UK (LandLine only) or Canada. In USA and Canada, you can call mobile phones as well. In addition to the inlimited calls, You will also get Rs.300 worth calling to other international numbers.

Don't yet jump all over, You MUST read the fine print before you signup for this service.

1) You can make unlimited calls ONLY to 1 number, which you must choose while signing up.Request to change the "unlimited number" can be made only after 30 days .
2) SifyTalk at present can be used for only outgoing calls to international destination. However if you know their SIP address, you might as well be able to receive calls. Hint: Check ATA configuration which should technically have SIP address, then try making calls via any other SIP provider. Just use SIP URI to make the calls to verify the SIP service is working, then expriment with other mechanism such as ENUM.
3)Sify Talk is only available in Chennai, Bangalore, Vizag, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh,Hyderabad and Ludhiana.
4)There is a one time Fee for ATA Rs.1599/-. Try finding out if they allow you to use your own ATA, i doubt
5)Rs. 499/ is a recurring fee in order to continue to use the service.

If anyone is currently using Sify Talk, your feedback is appreciate so readers can make a proper decision.

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