Nymgo VOIP offers Cheap International Calling Plans

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With new VOIP Providers jumping on the cheap international calls market, the calling rates to many international destinations is dropping massively. Thanks to VOIP.

We noted a new VOIP Provider on the scene called Nymgo, A UK based VOIP Service managed by Splendor Telecom UK Limited. Nymgo offers various country calling plans and pay as you go plans under its belt.

Nymgo offers following Calling Plans:

1) America and Europe: For just $14.50 per month, you can talk for a total of up to 10,000 minutes per month.

2) Asia and Australia: For just $20 per month, you can talk for a total of up to 1750 minutes per month

3)Middle East: For just $20 per month, you can talk for a total of up to 300 minutes per month. (Isn't 300 minutes too less? )

One of the most striking plan is of course, Asia and Australia plan which covers almost the entire Asia Pacific and mainly India, Malaysia, Singapore,China,Thailand,Austrlia, NZ and Taiwan. That means if you subscribe to the Asia Pacific plan you will get upto 1750 minutes per month to these destinations. The cost of this package is $20 flat per month. You pay that money and enjoy calling to these destinations at almost 1.2 cents per minute (e.g. India), which is a good rate. Please note they do not allow calls to entire india only a few STD codes are allowed. Please check details here. Under Pay as you go package, the India calling rate is apporx 2.5-3 cents per minute.

However, since the VOIP Provider is new, we probably do not have a lot of information about Nymgo in temrs of Quality of Service. Nymgo offers their services via Nymgo softphone. There doesn't seem to be any information related to SIP. However they would more likely to provide that if a subscriber asked for it?

If anyone is currently using Nymgo, your feedback is appreciated. If anyone knows Nymgo SIP address, please drop under comments. SIP address is very important so that we can drop their softphone and instead use our softphone or use via SIP Phone or VOIP Adapter.

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