Free Calls from Philippines

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Philippines is one of the costliest destinations for making VOIP calls and also remains as one of the most controlled telecom countries making it difficult for people to make calls to USA and Canada any cheaper than the market.

That means if you want to make cheap or free calls to USA or canada using your mobile phone or landline phone in Philippines, the rates are way off. However, it seems that the government is trying to resolve that issue by starting its very own Toll Free Service in Manila in partnership with Pacific Network Inc., will be offered until February 2009. Although at this stage, there isn't much information available about the toll free service, however you may inquire with the local authorities.

All we know is this toll free service (likely running on VOIP), is a toll free access number from where people can call and then dial out. Currently the service is limited to calling USA and Canada for FREE. There are no details on how long you can talk, but we believe it should be good enough for quick chit chat. We are not sure if you can have access to the toll free number from outside and then dialout. This should be a good offer.

The toll-free booth is located at the ground floor of City Hall building and is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays. This free calling service to usa and canada will be available till February 2009.

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