Skype VOIP Billing system messed up gives me free calling credit

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Skype VOIP, world's most popular PC to Phone VOIP Phone Service has serious issues with their VOIP billing software/module. Skype issues me free $69.95 credit :-) You must read this story.

I first noticed this skype billing mishap a couple of days back but thought it could be a bug in their VOIP billing system and ignored it. However everyday I check, I still see my balance is $69.95. I know I should be happy about this free calling credit which came from nowhere. I tried making a call with skypeout, DUH here is the worst part, I see a message saying "Account Blocked".

WOW, so basically Skype is saying,

1) We give you free calling credit becuase you seem like a nice guy :-)
2) We block your skype account so you can't use it lol.

Please note that my skype ID is still working and I can still make PC to PC calls, all that is blocked is PC to Phone calls which is using service.

I did some more investigation to find out where this skypeout credit actually came into my account. I verified all my paypal transactions, none are sent to skype. my credit Card doesnt have any such transaction either. I then went to Skype online account management interface and verified the transaction. I indeed see a $50 USD in my account saying, "Credit allocation from Control Panel". No idea what this means.

So has someone abused my account? Does skype has any trace on this billing activity? Why innocent skype users are being blocked? I believe skype needs to clarify this matter. Hope someone from Skype is reading this.

Here are some screenshots of my Skype account for verification/Proof (losing my ID)


This could potentially mean this could have happened to many Skype accounts. Are you one of them? Let us know

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