VOIPo Residential Phone Service Review

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VOIPo is one of the newest Residential Phone Service in USA, Is it worth your money? We did a quick review of VOIPo Home Phone Service. Take a look.

Today, we received an email from VOIPo that the Pre-Launch Special for the residential phone service has started and we have been chosen as one of the first VIP Memebers to sign-up. We decided to check this out. Its far too ambitious to launch a residential phone service when VOIP Providers like Lingo, Phonepower are already biting on the share of Vonage, Comcast etc.

In USA, there are 2 types of VOIP Providers, One is a Cable Provider who offers VOIP Phone service as bundled package. Other types are pure VOIP Phone Service providers such as Viatalk or Phonepower.

VOIPo falls unders the pure VOIP residential Phone service category. They claim that they are offering unlimited free calls to USA and Canada from USA.

According to their email, The Pre-Launch Special that you can take advantage of to get free activation and save $129.95 on our annual Residential Freedom plan which offers virtually unlimited calling to the US and Canada using your regular telephones.

- $99 for First Year of Service (Savings of $100)
- Free Activation (Savings of $29.95)
- Free Phone Adapter Lease
- Free Priority Mail Shipping
- Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
- No Cancellation Fees

After your first year, service will renew at the standard price of $199 per year. All accounts are subject to a $3 per month regulatory recovery fee which is billed upfront based on your prepayment term. That means effectively they charge you $3 fee per month on top of the existing plan.

Seriously speaking, this really doesn't make a good plan. Why? Some simple reasons.

1) $199 per year isn't really cheap.
2) Limited to USA and Canada. Phonepower offers the same plan $199 for 2 years.
3) Their monthly plans are $21.95 per month. Again Phonepower is cheaper The pricing of VOIPo is way off.
4)A new VOIP Provider means more risk.

Considering all the above points, we suggest wait and watch on VOIPo. If you are looking for a good stable VOIP Providers in today's market, we highly recommend Phonepower. This award winning VOIP Providers offers top notch support and QoS.

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