Get Ooma VOIP Phone at $199

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With Holiday shopping going wild in USA, there are some great deals to be found for VOIP Phone systems such as Ooma or MagicJack.

Ooma is stand alone VOIP Phone system which works on the fly. No monthly contracts, no signup amounts. Just buy the Ooma VOIP Phone box and you are done. Ooma offers totally unlimited calls to USA Phones (PSTN lines included). At first, you would compare this to a Linksys PAP2 VOIP Adapter, however its different.

Linksys PAP2 is a VOIP adapter which you can connect to a PSTN phone and configure the VOIP Adapter to run SIP based VOIP Service. Ooma on the other hands comes pre-configured and connects to a Ooma network.

Ooma has a extremely different concept and uses a possible loophole in the american telecommunication systems, which lets you make free local calls within a certain distance. What Ooma does is, they pass Ooma call over Ooma network across USA. For the time being consider this as in-network calling, like one SIP address making a call to another SIP address and then convert that to a PSTN line very near to the termination call location. This way the call becomes a free long distance USA call.

ooma gives you all the calling features including caller-ID, call-waiting, and voicemail.The ooma Lounge is your online destination for the ooma service. You can listen to messages, control your account preferences, prepay for international minutes, and even set up voicemail notifications, 24 hours a day.

ooma of course has in-network calling, you can call any other Ooma anywhere in the world. Currently Ooma is only sold in USA however once they start selling outside USA, imagine the cost benefit.

Ooma also allows you to connect your regular landline along with Ooma Phone line. That means you can still access 911 calls and have the flexibility of ooma phone at your hand.

Ooma comes with Ooma Scout,a nice little add-on Product which gives you the ability to have use of a second phone line, all integrated into the same phone number you use with the hub.

Original Price for Ooma is $399. However Amazon is selling Ooma VOIP Package for only $199. This is really a great deal. We strongly suggest you buy a Ooma VOIP Phone Package.

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