Fonolo allows to Bypass Call Center Phone Menus

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With really interesting concepts coming into Telecommunication and VOIP, many VOIP Providers are trying their hand with out of the box ideas. Fonolo is one smashing new service which does this in great style.

Did you ever call your cable provider like comcast, Verizon and just waited, waited and waited forever. With more stupid call center executives making you mad, the wait seems forever. I myself have noticed many call centers makes your life so difficult that they put horrendous amount of phone menus to choose from, which are just going around in circles so that you never be able to find the real human call center employee. Of course the end result is you get bored and hang up.

Now let fonolo make your life easier. Fonolo is like a call center service spyder. It spider all leading call center services and their menus and lets you hijack them and set your own preferences.

Let's understand what Fonolo can do for you.

1) You can first signup for Fonolo. currently fonolo is in beta allows only USA and Canada numbers.
2) Now you need to setup the call routing mechanism for each company's call center. Just do this for the most used.
3) Pick the company you need (say comcast). Fonolo will give you the option to now change Comcast Call center phone menu.
4)Scan through their phone menu visually, then just click the spot you need to call.
5)Fonolo will automatically dial, navigate their menu and then dial your phone. When you answer, you will be connected to the right spot in the menu.
6) What this means let fonolo take the pain to reach the customer service executive rather than you jumping around those stupid call center menus.

I believe this is a great servie. Thinking of simplicity and providing this to the today's consumers was a must. With more and more call centers acting utterly stupid with their phone menus, I believe Fonolo will be massive.

Go try them out. Its totally free. I hope they can extend this service worldwide very soon. Let's hope for the best. I have setup my account and now going to try calling my Yahoo Search Marketing Account Manager bypassing all those menus :-)

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