VMTag offers Free Phone Call to Voicemail System

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VOIP Providers and Services are trying to combine the benefits of value added service with mainstream telephony such as VOIP to make your life easier.

We discussed about Fonolo, a call center menu bypass system.Today we talk about another interesting service called VMTag, A Phone Call to Voicemail system.

VMTag basically allows anyone anywhere in the world to receive free voicemails in their mailbox whenever someone calls up a phone number. A random number is generator each time you register your email as VMTag Voicemail service user.

How does VMTag Works?

1) You enter the email address to which Voicemail should be delivered.

2) Once you enter the email address and submit VMTag will assign a Mailbox number to the email id and gives you a phone number to call.

3) When you dial that phone number and enter mailbox number, you can drop a voicemail for that Id. This voicemail will then be forwarded to the email address.

How can you use VMTag Phone to Voicemail system?
You can send messages to your friends, create reminders for yourself, send voicemails as email if you don't have blackberry.

VMTag is one of those services which will stregthen the VOIP & Telephony market. These new ideas will slowly become mainstream as VOIP Providers integrate these functions under one single ultimate uber VOIP Service. I am still waiting to see such VOIP Provider. However future for VOIP looks promising.

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