Best Cheap International Call Provider of 2008

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This post is a part of the VOIP Provider of the Year 2008 Awards. Today, we vote for the best cheap international call provider of 2008.

There was a huge influx of Cheap international call providers in 2008. However there are always some good and some bad VOIP Providers. We have carefully chosen the finalist for the cheap international call providers in 2008.

1) LocalPhone: Personally my favorite VOIP Provider at the moment. Awesome quality of service with Access Numbers based dialing and you can assign upto 5 numbers directly for your contacts and dial those numbers for direct access. They could improve their access number features to identify registered number and skip the menus for calling out. Hope they do this soon.

2) Nymgo: A fairly new VOIP Provider from UK received rave reviews on VOIP Guide.
3) Tringme: Indian face of VOIP, Tringme is extremely popular amongst indians. I always wish they could improve their call quality which is definately improved over a period of time but still more to go :-)
4) Betamax: the big daddy of Cheap International Call services and run bunch of VOIP services under it's belt.
5) MediaRing: Perhaps the Only VOIP Provider listed on the Stock Market and a profitable VOIP firm serving billions of the minutes of international call traffic. At times, they have done better volumes than Singtel, a giant in Telecom. This huge VOIP Provider is worth checking out.
6) Rebtel: The King of Mobile VOIP market and still doing well in this niche. Rebtel is extremely popular in USA and UK markets.
7) Pingo: A Calling card providers but now offering Softphone based call out. Pingo always received negative and positive reviews about their service.
8) Pennytel: King in Untimed Call services, Their untimed unlimited call offers did extremely well. Extremely popular in Australia and NZ.

Vote for your Favorite Cheap International call Provider 2008:

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