Best Free International Call Provider of 2008

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This post is a part of VOIP Provider of the year 2008 Award Series. You can vote for your most favorite free international call Provider in 2008. Vote and Choose the best Free international call provider in 2008.

After a lot of analysis, I have finally chose the following VOIP Provider for free international call provider in 2008 category.

1) EarthCaller: One of the best free international calls service to USA. Works from anywhere in the world as long as you have IE7.
2) Mediaringtalk: Offers free international calls to over 8 countries since last 1 year, consistantly extending free calls offer. Good voice quality however sometimes calls are dropped.
3) Poketalk: Another free international calls provider but received many negative reviews on VOIP Guide, still made it to the finals.
4) Betamax: This includes all betamax VOIP Services such as nonoh, voipraider, voipcheap etc.
5)RingPlus: Our great find has gone beyond expectations and provided a good platform to make worldwide free international calls through their gateway.
7)Tuitalk: Another free international call service.
8)DukaDial: Part of the Jaduka Labs service. Offers Phone to Phone free calls in USA.

You are free to chose another provider of your choice under Others if one of the above provider is not your favorite. Please let me know if you believe a VOIP Provider deserves to be on the list but missed out.

If you are a VOIP Provider and would like to be included for the poll, Please send me email with explanation on why you think you should be included in the free international call provider of the year award.

Start Voting! Choose your favorite free international call Provider of the year 2008.

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