VOIP Provider of the Year 2008 Awards

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Its time of the year again, only a few days to go for 2008. Lets all vote for our favorite VOIP Provider in 2008. The results from this polls will not only help us find a VOIP Provider in 2009 but will help VOIP Providers to improve their services.

This post will be discussing the whole VOIP Provider 2008 awards rules and explain the concept.

There will be multiple categories for choosing VOIP Provider. Comparing Vonage with Betamax wouldn't make sense.

I have finalised the following categories. Please note this are not the polls. There will be individual post for each of the categories where you would have to vote for your favorite VOIP Provider.

1) Free International Call Provider: Only VOIP Providers will be chosen who are providing purely free international calls without any catch. Of course, Betmax is included as being the largest in this category.

2) Residential Phone Service Provider (US Only): Only VOIP Providers from USA will be considered for this category. Comcast and Verizon will be included since they have fair market share in this market.

3) Cheap International Call Provider: Any VOIP Provider giving cheap international calls. It was the toughest category to choose the finalist, but I finally nailed down a few.

4) Business Phone Provider: All VOIP Providers catering to the Business Phone market. Almost everyone has a business VOIP option, however only a few has made an impact in this market.

5) SIP Provider: Some people use SIP Provider exclusively for SIP to SIP calls, which is your favorite?

If you think there could be more categories, do let me know, I would give it a thought.

Again, this is not a poll, there will be seperate post for each of those categories and I will link them from here. Today, you can start voting on the Free International Call Provider. Choose your favorite.

If you are a VOIP Provider and not one of those listed as Finalise for VOIP Provider Award 2008, please request to be included. Send me email at ut(dot)godmode@gmail.com

Let's work together and choose the best VOIP Providers in 2008.

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