MediaringTalk offers cheapest calls to India at 1.9 cents

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Cheap international call markets is already breaking the Free international call market by reducing long distance calling rates every month. Mediaringtalk joins the party by giving the best calling rate to India ever possible.

Thanks Hasan for notifying us on the rate change.MediaRingtalk is a VOIP services by Mediaring, a Singapore based VOIP Provider serving billions of minutes worldwide each year. I visited their Data center and facility at singapore a few months back and it awesome to say the least. With such dedicated infrastructure backing up their already reliable connectivity with some of the best E1 providers in telecom industry, It can't get any better. For privacy and business reasons, I won't disclose their telecom provider name on the blog. However its one of the primary reasons why Mediaringtalk can today offer the best calling rate for India.

Yes, Mediaringtalk now offers 1.9 cents per minute to india. Its all across India (Mobile + Landline) both. FreeCall used to offer 1.5 cents earlier which they increased to 1.9 cents and with all the betamax mishap i prefer to stay with betamax services whenever I can. You can buy credit as low as $10. Please note your mediaringtalk credit expires in 180 days so you better use it.

Mediaringtalk also offers free international calls to many destinations such China, Taiwan,UK (landline only), Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada & Australia.

Mediaringtalk has over 1 million users worldwide and they do serve ocassional ads in their softphone for the free international calls that they offer. Please note that mediaringtalk is only supported via their softphone and they do not support external SIP. We tried it last time however its unreliable.

Overall Mediaringtalk's 1.9 cents to India is a great deal we must say!

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