Skype VOIP releases Version 4 Beta 3

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Skype the most popular VOIP Service in the world releases another beta of their popular Skype VOIP SoftPhone. We look at the latest features in the new skype release.

The most striking addition is they brought back the Call Quality feedback area, Outlook Contacts and full History. They’ve added full History features, as promised when it launched Beta 2. You can browse and search past conversations by event type (instant messages, incoming calls, outgoing calls, and so on), that means you can trace back the forgotten words easily. There’s also a new download manager for file transfers. You might noticed this already but i would like to mention, Skype really owns every messenger out there in the market for file transfer, its lightning fast. Trust me and try it once. With the Outlook integration, adding skype contact is even more easier.

Some of the improvement in skype VOIP Softphone V4 beta 3
- Chat with up to 100 people in group chats
- Improved Video Conferencing
-numerous improvements to call and video quality with a new Bandwidth Manager
- a new look that’s more reflective Skype brand

One of the best part of Skype is of course their Skype Country Plans which are extremely tempting to signup. I already have a skype US&Canada plan and it works awesome. They give 10000 minutes each month for only 4.5 Euros. They also have unlimited world plan worth checking out.

If you really use Skype on a day to day basis, you might just like to check the new version or else just stick with the current one.

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