IndiaLD Review Wholesale India long distance calls

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India is fast becoming the most happening VOIP destination in the world with ever changing calling rates and healthy competition, consumers can expect even better prices.

We recently review IndiaMinutes, today we review IndiaLD, a promising new VOIP long distance service at wholesale rates.

IndiaLD currently has one of the lowest rates in the market at 1.9 cents per minute to India when you buy credit in bulk. That means, if you buy 2000 minutes per month, you will be charged at 1.9 cents per minutes. The minimum monthly minutes package starts at 1.99 cents per minute and you must buy 1000 minutes. The max is 3000 @ 1.9 cents per min. If you go over your minutes, you calls will be charged at 3.9 cent per minute.

Although, this is not the lowest as Mediaringtalk offers 1.7 cents per minute to India. IndiaLD still is a good competitive service for people who do not like to use a softphone based service such as Mediaringtalk. IndiaLD however only works for USA. They give you 10 US phone numbers that you can program to automatically call numbers in India. Once you set them up, you just need to dial the US number and it automatically rings the number in India. This function is very similar to LocalPhone which offers upto 5 free numbers.

IndiaLD offers service via Access Numbers in USA, you can call two access numbers: (424) 757-1111 or (530) 645-5555.

At this stage, We would advice you to be safe and test the service before you go all out and buy 3000 minutes package.

If you are currently using IndiaLD service, please post your IndiaLD review under comments.
Update: IndiaLD has received significant positive reviews, You may signup for IndiaLD now.

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