Best Residential VOIP Phone Service Provider in 2008

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Today we choose the Best Residential VOIP Phone Service Provider in USA in 2008. Residential Service Providers have seen good and bad times in 2008. With fall of sunrocket, is your VOIP Provider safe and sound?

We analyse over 20 VOIP Providers in USA before choosing the finalist, which we believe currently has significant user base and have received more feedback than other Residential VOIP Providers.

1) Lingo: Lingo probably has the best VOIP Phone Service Deal on the internet. For $21.95 per month, they offer unlimited calls to over 21 countries in Europe, Asia,Latin America and Of course USA/Canada. You can get 1 month free service with their latest Coupon.

2) PhonePower: PhonePower is one of the newest VOIP Phone Provider in USA. No one thought they could get customers in this already saturated market, however to everyone's surprise, they managed to make their mark. Today they are counted one of the leading USA Phone Companies. Their plans starts from $9 per month and they have some exciting promotion going on where they offer 1 year of FREE Service when you signup for 1 year. For 1 year, you get second year FREE.

3) Packet8: One of the oldest VOIP Phone Providers in the USA and have done extremely well during the Sunrocket falldown. They managed to get maximum sunrocket users to their platform. Tough competitor to Lingo with a a similar unlimited calls to over 40 countries in USA, Canada,Asia and Europe for $24.95

4) Vonage: One of the ailing companies who continue to do business which is surprising to many. Vonage is the next Sunrocket as many analyst believe their balance sheets dont look too good and they have bunch of lawsuits to be settled. Proven VOIP Provider who once totally dominated the market however lost its charm after a lot of mismanagement and unreliable VOIP Service.

Choose your Favorite Residential VOIP Phone Service Provider in 2008:

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