Jaxtr Launches FreeConnect slashes Calling Rates

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Jaxtr has been in and out of the mainstream VOIP market since last year. Did they spent VC's money properly or just gave away in free calls? Good thing for you is they are still ready to take a risk with Free International Calling.

Jaxtr launched a new service they call as "FreeConnect". You need to be a Registered members to use the service. You can use the jaxtr Web interface to enter the international number they want to call. Jaxtr then gives you a local number to call to reach the overseas person. When the original member places a call, jaxtr notifies the overseas recipient by text message or email, providing that person with a local number to call. When he or she does so, jaxtr connects the original caller's and the recipient's local calls via VoIP circuits. After the first call, the two people can reach each other at any time by calling the local numbers jaxtr has given them. Such local numbers are currently available in 55 countries. Anyone knows if Jaxtr is able to assign numbers in India? Unfortunately I couldn't verify this information.

Jaxtr is betting on Free International Calls even when its proven to be not doing well for many companies including themselves. They had to layoff a few employees recently and had major issues getting fresh capital injection.

Only time can tell if Jaxtr can survive with the Free Model but I have already identified them as next potential fallout from the Free VOIP Provider list.
Besides FreeConnect, Jaxtr also slashed its normal calling rates for the holiday season.

India US$ 0.024 / min
USA US$ 0.008 / min
Canada US$ 0.008 / min
China US$ 0.008 / min
UK US$ 0.008 / min

Let's Give Jaxtr another try and see if there is any improvement at all.

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