Get your iNum Global VOIP number

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iNum is finally launched and available on multiple VOIP Networks. Its about time you start allocating yourself a iNum,a Global VOIP number for your phone.

VoxAlot/SIPBroker, Gizmo 5, VOIPUser have started integration of iNum into their service. You can instatly get your iNum without any special changes to your account.

For example, if you have a Gizmo5 account then you already have a iNum.

To know what’s your iNum number look for your Gizmo5 SIP number, which looks like 1-747-XXX-XXXX and replace the [1-747] with [883 510 07].

Example: If your Gizmo5 SIP number is 1-747 123 4567 then your iNum is +883 510 071 234 567.

I would however like to debate the whole concept of iNum today for the reason that at this time iNum does nothing more than what ENum does today. There is still a 2 process step required to dial a iNum. Their whole What is iNum page is full of jargons which a common man wouldn't understand.

I would be really happy if they can put together a simple FAQ page explaing how inum can be used. We all know you give us a +883 code and it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. OK Got it now how do we access it? Can we get the call on my Phone or I have to be tied up to my PC? Sometimes, I wonder whoever writes FAQ documents should always assume that a 1 yr kid is reading it not a 35 year old expert in the field. Hope iNum could improve on that explanation of what they can do and what they can't. With whatever knowledge I have and whatever I understood from iNum website, it doesnt add any value to me. It looks the same as ENUM.

There are many users who are complaining that iNum should be a one step service. You dial the number and it's connected. No more additional usernames and extensions to be dialed.

Guess, once I setup my iNum I will write a comprehensive guide on how to use iNum. If anyone else already written it, let me know.

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