Best SIP Softphones in 2008

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We are back again with the Best VOIP Stuff in 2008. Today, we look at some of the best SIP softphones we could use for our VOIP needs. For newbies, There are many more better softphones than X-lite :-)

X-lite is probably the most widely used SIP softphone in the world. SIP was originally designed by Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia University) and Mark Handley (UCL) starting in 1996.If you are still new to the whole SIP technology and SIP based VOIP, then read our SIP Guide.

There are many more SIP softphones which were recently launched or have been around for a while just not yet noticed by the whole VOIP world or just limited to the Professionals. Today, we vote for the best of the best SIP softphones.

1) X-lite: World's most widely used Free SIP Softphone. The biggest disadvantage is you can have only one SIP account at one time.

2) Ekiga: One of the latest SIP softphones which is open source and stable. Offers VoIP and video conferencing and supports SIP and H.253 Protocol which is used for Video conferencing.

3) 3CX Softphone: 3CX is totally a windows based company. They make Windows based PBX and offer a excellent SIP softphone. We recommended them last time as Must Download SIP Softphone.

4) Linphone: Similar to Twinkle, its a Linux based SIP softphone. Getting popular lately. Not recommended for novice users, coz its more complicated to use.

5) ZOIPER: Zoiper is a SIP/IAX softphone client. Also supports T.38 FAX OVER IP. Zoiper is extremely popular these days and has received good media coverage. Another recommended Softphone.

I am sure there are many more good SIP softphones, Just list them down as "Other". Please vote below for your most favorite SIP softphone in 2008.

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