VOIP Provider of the Year 2008 Winners Declared

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Finally, we got all the results from our VOIP Provider of the Year 2008 Polls. There were multiple categories in which these VOIP Provider battled out against their close competitors. Read the full report.

We had multiple categories for VOIP Provider of the Year 2008. Around 1000 voters voted on some of the best VOIP Providers and chose the best in each category.

Lets analyse the results. There are some very shocking results.

1) Free International Call Providers: Over 517 users voted for this category.

Winner of Free International Call Provider in 2008: PokeTalk.

PokeTalk won this category with 167 votes, but it was a close finish with 160 votes for Mediaring, making it a very tough competitor to Poketalk. Surprisingly, Betamax lagged behind with barely 72 votes. Another indication that people are most likely fed up with their policies and billing issues.

2)Cheap International Call Provider: No surprises here. Localphone totally washed away all competitors. I guess its time for other VOIP Providers to start looking at Localphone as their leader and learn from them. As I always said, Localphone is my current most favorite VOIP Provider.

Total 268 votes were registered. Localphone got 174 and the closest competitor was Betmax with 47 votes.See the huge difference. again betamax loosing on because of their policies. Surprisingly Rebtel and Mediaring didnt get many votes.

best cheap international call provider

3)Residential Phone Service Provider: Again, Two fairly new companies dominated over the veterans here. Lingo and PhonePower got same number of votes, Vonage lagged behind. There was a tie between Lingo and PhonePower. We highly recommend PhonePower(Read PhonePower Reviews), since its the cheapest residential phone service provider in USA today.

4) Best SIP Softphones in 2008: This was one off Poll, to see the interest amongst users for SIP Softphones. As we said Xlite is still extremely popular. Xlite got over 46 votes from the total of 80, clearly showing that it dominates this market.

If anyone wants detailed reports of this poll, please contact me on ut(dot)godmode@gmail.com. The results from this poll were exciting and i hope they give good indication to VOIP companies on how they are doing and where they need to work on. Hopefully we see a great 2009 for VOIP. Wish you all a very happy new year!

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