Qttel.com offers Unlimited free VOIP calls

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We are already in 2009 and expecting that more and more VOIP Providers join the "free VOIP" revolution and offers unlimited free international calls around the world.

Today we take a look at Qttel, a simple Phone to Phone based VOIP Service which promises to give unlimited free voip calls to over 50 countries. Thanks to comment on our VOIP Provider of the Year 2008, thats where we discovered about this service, which seem to have changed the name recently. I remember using this service but a non-free version of it.

You must enter your number in international format.

We have embedded their softphone into this post, you can start making calls right now. Use the following Qttel widget to make free calls.

QtTel is however a browser based VOIP service. It askes you to enter your phone number and your party's number and then Call. Qttel will first call you and then call the destination number. The biggest limitation of this service is it only works for 5 countries, Australia (FIX only),Canada (FIX & GSM!),UK (FIX only),Holland (FIX only),USA (FIX & GSM!). That means only people from this country can make calls. Of course if you have a incoming phone number from any of these country you should be able to receive calls from Qttel and of course make free voip calls.

Please note all calls are limited to 5 minutes but it seems you may dial the same number and over and over. Please let us know your feedback on Qttel.

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