Reliance iCall offers free international VOIP Calls

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Reliance Globalcom has entered the VOIP space with Reliance iCall. Beware all Free VOIP Providers, Reliance can give you a run for your money. They are now offering totally free international VOIP Calls to multiple locations.

Reliance Globalcom is one of the biggest carriers in the world and now they have launched Reliance iCall. With acquisiton of Flag telecom a few years back, the industry analyst believe over 85% of international call traffic is crossing through reliance network. Thats huge and massive for any telecom company. As we all know because being a leader in telecom, reliance can offer their partner rates as close to 1 cent to India. They are currently offering calls to india at 4.49 cents.

The big news is they are offering free international calls as a part of their launch promotion. You can make totally free international VOIP Calls to the following countries: USA,UK,Canada,Germany,China,France,Australia,Singapore,Japan,Brazil. This includes landling and mobile as well. WOW, UK mobile for FREE? Thats just too good to be true.

The bad news is the free calls are only available till 15th January 2008, so make the most of it before this free voip calls offer is over.

RelianceiCall works via their softphone, which you can download. We still do not know SIP settings for Reliance iCall. They are not published anywhere and a ping to doesnt not give any response.

We strongly suggest you give them a try. Never miss a Free VOIP service and especially from Reliance :-). If you are using Reliance India Call, then Reliance icall can be good alternative.

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