Reliance iCall hack for Worldwide Free Calls

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Woot!Finally, we got the best of Reliance iCall Hack. This VOIP hack is a workaround to make totally free VOIP Calls anywhere in the world using Reliance iCall.

As many of you already know that there are lots of these access number services around the world,mainly in UK and Australia. I am not going to put a long list of these access number companies but you can find them online.
Now these access number based free calling services offers totally free international calls in lieu of you calling one of their access numbers via mobile and they get paid at premium rate. They get the cut, you make the free calls coz you have those minutes under your mobile plan. Sounds all good, but what if you don't live in UK or Australia or USA? How can you utilise those services.

There comes the ultimate Reliance iCall Hack. Use reliance icall to dial one of those access numbers and then follow the procedure according to the access number service.

Let me give you a live example of australian access number working great to call India. Please do not overload the numbers. (All thanks to a anonymous commentator who give away this idea. )

1. Use Reliance Icall to call +61 424 215 152 and than press 1.
2. Dial 001191XXXXXXXX

This way, you can utilise any service to make calls anywhere in the world, as long as that service offers a free international call termination to that country. Reliance icall will only be used to make calls to that access numbers, your actual call is still carried through by the service provider.

Secondly, those who are wondering how to use SIP on Reliance iCall. Here are the settings of Reliance iCall.

SIP Proxy :
user Id: reliance icall username
password : reliance icall password

Reliance icall is free only till 15th January. Make your new year a real good one with this hack :-)

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