Nepal Unlimited VOIP Service by Worldlink

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We have received several comments since last 4-5 months about Nepal VOIP. VOIP in nepal is still extremely costly and it really need a large telecom provider to actually beat the prices.

Worldlink, ISP from Nepal has launched a new voice-over-internet (VOIP) service called D2D, charging Rs 500 per month excluding VOIP Adapter which you need to run this service. A subscriber requires two VOIP devices (provided by WorldLink), and an account to use the Device-to-Device VOIP service. Each device costs Rs 4,500, while those without a router cost Rs 4,000.

For Rs 500 per month you can call the other end. The talk-time is unlimited. The service works on a broadband of a minimum 64 kbps.

Another ISP, WebSurfer, has also launched VOIP services. The service can be availed at Rs 4,000 for the VOIP device and a call to US would cost around Rs 2 per minute.

I do not know how Nepal ISP block or allow SIP, however if they are asking you to buy two VOIP Adapters for 4000Rs and then connect them at both end and also pay Rs. 500 per month, they are cheating on you.

This is pure SIP. you can get any SIP Adapter/VOIP adapter such as Linksys PAP2 from amazon for only $53. Buy 2 of these and connect one at your place and one at the other party where you want to call. Now you can make unlimited calls to each other and no need to pay Rs. 500 to worldlink :-)

I always get amazed when people just ignore the power of SIP and pay to these telecom providers who try to make money by keeping people ignorant about the technology.

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