OurFreePhone Review Not a free international calls Service

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We have received lot of reader's email about reviewing OurFreePhone and find out exactly how these guys work and claim that they offer Free International Calls.

After spending several days without any real success, I figured out that OurFreePhone is nothing more than a scam. Unfortunately I had to say this. They claim that they offer Free International Calls when you start using their VOIP service.

Let me just outline how exactly I reviewed OurFreePhone.

1)I got a few emails from readers saying there is a new VOIP service OurFreePhone and they are claiming to offer worldwide free international calls. Aha, I stared investigating rightaway. Unlike,most other VOIP bloggers who just jump on any news which comes their way, I spend more time in finding out if that VOIP company is worth my and my readers time. If not, then I don't post reviews about them.

2) So I found a few press releases on OurFreePhone. Big claims, big dreams, it had it all. Eventually I figured out that OurFreePhone is a venture of Seven Rings International, a multi level marketing firm from Italy. MLM marketing is probably the best industry to be associated with scams lol.
3) OK. I still decided to go ahead and give them a try. I headed on to their website. After spending literally 45 minutes moving around their obsolete signup pages,I still couldn't sign up. By the way, they have like 3 different signup pages, its just way too crazy. On each signup page, OurFreePhone would basically ask you for OFP number of Introducer. I obviously didn't know the OFP number, so i started doing investigation on OFP number. I sent them email about OFP agency, no reply after 7 days now.
4)Whats a OFP number? As i said earlier, OurFreePhone is not a free international calls service. They first ask you become OurFreePhone's commercial agents who would sell their services to consumers and more consumers signup under you, you start making money which in turn you can use for free international calls. Is this a joke? lol.
5) OK. So I decided to actually signup for this OFP agent. Guess what? It costs around $220 to actually become a OFP agent. Great way to make money for OFP indeed.
6) Now consider, if at all you actually signup as OFP agent, will anyone even consider buying OFP VOIP service to make calls? Who has to do the hardwork of selling their VOIP service to the consumers? YOU, in this case me. However, I chose not to for the simple reason that i do not want to be associated with scam VOIP service.

OurFreePhone is a pure money making MLM scam. Imagine, even if 1000 people (dream of making money through VOIP lol) signup to become agents, OFP already made 1000 X 220 = USD 220000. Forget about selling their VOIP service to you, this is easy money :-)

My strong advice to all of you who want to use Our Free Phone or want to become their agents, STAY AWAY from ourFreePhone.

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