7 Easy Steps For Switching To VoIP Phone Service And Going Wireless

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VoIP phone service has taken over the telecommunication world by storm! This is inexpensive and has a lot of features that are comparable to the PSTN (landlines); it is the best thing for individual users, small businesses and large businesses.

Are you tired of paying huge phone bills for long distance calls and international calls? Do you own a small business and want a low cost phone service? VoIP phone service is for YOU! You can go wireless with a VoIP phone.

Here are 7 steps that will help you switch to VoIP go wireless

1. You will need an updated computer.

You will need to have an upgraded computer that is compatible with VoIP software. When you are comparing and choosing service providers, pay more attention to see if they run their programs on Windows, MacOS or Linux operating systems. Especially, if you use Mac or Linux, don't assume that all VoIP phone service providers will have your needs met. Some of the common features of computers that affect the ability to provide VoIP wireless are hardware, motherboards, processor speeds, memory (RAM), video and graphic cards. If your computer is obsolete, VoIP phone service may not be functional.

2. You must have a High Speed Internet access such as DSL or Cable

High Speed Internet is a must for VoIP phone services to function. There maybe a few companies that work with dial-up connection but the audio quality is not satisfactory sometimes and it is because of the lack of high speed internet service. High Speed Internet connections provide the bandwidth needed and produce great quality audio.

3. Do you need residential or business VoIP phone service?

Some of the differences between residential and business plans include faxing and email capabilities, more long distance on basic and not unlimited plans, and some companies even throw in goodies such as free yellow book advertising for business VoIP phone service plans. Again, creating a list of what you want in a VoIP service will help you better determine what your tele-communication requirements are.

4. Compare VoIP Phone Service Providers

There are many factors that affect your choice of VoIP phone service providers - the number of long distance calls, international calls, business VoIP phone service etc. Now it is time to compare various service providers. VoIP is so common that chances are you may have a friend or relative that may already be using it! So, word of mouth is good way of getting some feedback. Comparing is important and there are more details to know, so read the article at - http://www.ez-voip-phone-service.com/how-to-compare-voip-phone-service-before-buying/

After comparing VoIP phone services, you can decide which VoIP service best suits your needs. Purchase this VoIP plan.

5. Choose Your Own Area Code

A lot of VoIP providers will give you the option of choosing your own area code and phone number. Just to be clear - you can live anywhere and still choose an area code from any other place! This is a great option that is available only in VoIP services and not in PSTN (landline). This is also a good idea for business owners who want to target a particular area of customer. They can choose the area code of this particular area of customers. Now, for the customers, this call will be local call.

6. Purchase an adapter for your VoIP Phone

This is important if you want to go wireless and don't plan on sitting near computer just to receive or make your phone calls. Most of the VoIP phone service providers send you free adapter. If you don't receive a free adapter, then you can purchase one. With an adapter, you don't have to sit near the computer. This will allow you to use your household phones to take calls.

7. Other Important Things about VoIP phone service

As you know, VoIP phones have very similar features such as setting up your voicemail, caller ID etc., you can configure it. In fact, there is an internet control panel that you can use to configure these features.

VoIP phone service is a definitely a blessing to the world of communication. You can make very inexpensive long distance and international calls and use business VoIP phone service for your business - small or large.

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