Before You Purchase a VoIP Phone

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Nowadays huge amount phone services are available due to the increases of VoIP Phone service industry. It’s very difficult to choose one who pick the right VoIP Phone. Below are listed some points to choose the VoIP Service to you and your business.

VoIP Phone Display Large no of VoIP Phone displays are available in the markets. Displays are comes in variety of sizes, such as large display, small display, medium display. You only have to decide which displays are suitable for you and your business. VoIP Phone display heights are vary from 20 pixels to 200 pixels and display sizes are vary from 100 pixels wide to 100s of pixels wide.

VoIP Phone Support When you are going to choose the IP Phone you should know about how many lines are you need for your phone to support. You can have 4 to 6 phone lines if you’re an busy executive to make cheap phone calls to all the people. If you’re working in a field, where you rarely get a call from people so you may need a simple 2 line VoIP Phone Service. Before buying a VoIP Phone make sure that your phone supports your call volume and type of telecom services you have.

VoIP Phone Call Quality Lots of people would like to have HD level call quality to their VoIP Phones. When you talk you can hear the voice perfectly on the other end person while using HD level call quality. This kind of phones are very expensive in few years ago. But now technology helps us to reduce this phones price as normal non-HD phones. Before you buying IP Phone make sure to HD Voice is important to you.

VoIP Phone Backlit LCD Not all VoIP phones are comes with Backlit LCD in markets. Make sure when you purchase a Backlit LCD display, “if you need display aesthetic important to you.

Hands-Free to VoIP Phone People won’t like to hold a phone while talking. Because, many people like to use headset and giving rest to their hands for taking notes and type something. If you feel to use a headset (Hands-Free) make sure to purchase a VoIP phone that supports hands-free.

All VoIP Phones are come with a some basic features, Call Hold, Call return, speaker phone, three way calling etc., If you need a phone with some advanced features, you have purchase to some premium models available in markets. Normally this advanced features phone contains specific software, XHTML Supported Micro browsers and enhanced call handling, etc. If some features are important to you, make sure that feature is noted on the sheet of the VoIP phone you are evaluating.

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