Hunting GPS - a Quick Start Guide to Using a GPS When Hunting

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Using a GPS for hunting can be very useful when scouting, on your hunt, and for recovering your animal. However, you will want to learn how to mark a waypoint, make a route, and use the hunt/fish calculator in your GPS unit before you go out into the field. All GPS units are a little different but some basic instructions are as follows:

Mark a Waypoint

When you want to mark your current position out in the field you will want to go to the mark a waypoint screen in your GPS. You will see your current position in the form of a GPS waypoint. Use your navigation buttons to go to the place an name your position such as TreeStand1, Elk Tank, etc. Now when you want to return to this position you can just find the name you gave it in your list of waypoints and your GPS will lead you back to your current spot.

Make A Route

A route is a series of waypoints that will lead you to your final destination. I often use a route when I am scouting and want to mark several points along a ridge that I would like to glass for animals in potential spot and stalk situation. You can make a route in your GPS by going to the routes screen in your GPS. Then click on New to make a new route waypoint. Continue doing this until you have marked all the points along the way you wish to glass from until you reach your final destination.

Hunt/Fish Calculator

Many GPS units have a hunt/fish calculator built into them which will tell you the best times to be out in the field for hunting based on the phase of the moon. Each GPS is pretty different as to how you access this information so consult your owners manual for specific instruction. This information will help you be in the field at the most opportune time when the animals are up and moving around.

This is just a few things to get you started using your GPS for hunting. To learn all about what your GPS unit can do and how to use it, look for an instructional DVD for your specific GPS model.

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