Hunting Gps: the 3 Biggest Mistakes That Hunters Make When Using a GPS Unit

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Everyone is using GPS units now and hunters are no exception. They are great for marking game sign, waterholes, potential hunting spots, and marking a blood trail. But before you go in the field with your GPS unit make sure you are not making these 3 mistakes.

1. Not Marking Your Truck or ATV position - This is the biggest mistake most hunters make when using a GPS. They are so excited to get starting on their hunting or scouting trip that they left their vehicle without marking it in their GPS unit. Before they know it they are a mile from the truck and remember that they didn’t make a mark of their vehicle location. Don’t let this happen to you. Make a habit of marking your vehicle position in your GPS unit before you put your pack on or pick up your gun/bow.

2. Not Carrying Extra Batteries - It is extremely important to always carry extra batteries for your GPS in your hunting backpack. Even though most GPS units can be used for more than 25 hours on one set of batteries, who knows how many hours you have used your GPS for before your hunt and how long you may need it after you are in the field.

3. Not Looking Around at Their Surrounding - GPS technology is very good for marking the location of your vehicle or hunting spots but it is very important that you do not rely on it as your only directional device. Always look around at your surrounding and make mental notes of landmarks of your vehicle location and hunting area. A compass is also a great device to have in your pack. When tracking with a GPS make sure to look up and notice the sights around you. Technology can fail. The GPS could stop working or you could drop and break it. Always use common sense when on your hunting trips and don’t rely solely on your GPS for your direction.

By avoiding these mistakes when using your GPS on your next hunting trip you will get more out of your GPS as well as having a safer hunt.

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