Smartphones with GPS Navigation Alleviate the Need for Printers

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Some Portable GPS Devices Can Integrate with Your Canon Printer

If you have a Canon printer and a portable GPS device, you may have a win-win situation. Some portable GPS devices can integrate with your Canon printer allowing you to print and share your portable GPS navigation instructions quickly and easily.

A portable GPS is a handy little device to take with you when you are on the run. You can use it to get driving directions, hiking trails, fishing information or hunting spots. You can also use it to scope out new camping sites, geocaching fun for the family and a wide range of there practical and recreational activities. Sometimes, however, you need to have a printed copy of your directions and waypoints from your portable GPS device.

Through the simplicity of a USB cord, you can print directly to your Canon printer from your portable GPS device. Your Canon printer is always the perfect choice for quick, clear copies, so it is the perfect tool for printing the detail of a road map or a topographical map produced from your GPS device. All you need to do is connect the GPS to the printer with the USB cord and you are in business.

Many portable GPS units will include a USB cord for this purpose, but it if yours does not, you can pick one up at any computer section of your local discount store or office supply store.

Hard copies of directions and maps allow you to share your information with people traveling with you, as well as with someone back at home as a precaution in case of trouble. It also gives you a back up plan in case of battery failure or a problem with your GPS.

Canon printers are built with the technology you need to easily integrate your portable GPS device. Most will have a USB port right on the front of the printer, as well as several more on the computer tower itself. This plug and play ease makes it a snap to connect your device and print directly from the portable GPS.

Get the most out of your portable GPS device by integrating it with the power of your Canon printer. Use it every time you have a new route to travel, a new hunting or fishing spot to check out or a new recreational venue to visit and explore. Keep yourself safe, however, and avoid the frustrations that can come from technological breakdowns by printing out a hard copy of your data before you leave. By integrating your portable GPS device with your Canon printer, you have the best of both worlds.

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