Must Have Apps for Business Communication

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Now that the smartphone has made the office truly mobile, there are literally hundreds of thousands apps claiming to be the best at, well everything. When it comes to business, most people do not want to experiment with business related apps that may not work. Let us take a look at some of the best and highest rated business communication apps. After all, communication in business is almost as important as the financing, right?
You have your data plan. You have your calling plan. So why not have a free plan too? Make calls for free while you conduct business, no matter where you are. Viber is a great free app that allows you to make free calls, but only to other users of Viber. Truphone is another free app allowing free calls, to users who have either Truphone or Skype. We all love Skype, it is the best of the best according to reviewers on PCWorld and Appolicious. The big plus with Skype of course, is its latest feature of video calling on the ipad, iphone and itouch systems over WiFi or 3G networks. Yay Skype!
Free calling is fab, but what about those all too necessary conference calls that always seem to be scheduled when you are out of the office. Never fear, Free Conference Call is here! This free app allows up to 1000 callers on the conference, free recording and emailed call reports after the conference is over. If you like the video conference call idea, consider Calliflower. Unlimited callers, webinar abilities and the ability to monitor each caller's participation make Calliflower one of the highest rated conference apps.
You have all the best apps, you are ready to get on the cloud and start working from your mobile office. But wait, you need a network! Before you start kicking yourself for not opting that daily free WiFi fee, consider downloading the free app Wi-Fi Finder (before you leave the office). This excellent addition to your business communications arsenal will locate any free or paid WiFi hotspots around you – including over 465,000 locations in 140 countries around the world. Filter your search by location type if you prefer to find a quiet library or a bustling cafe. Reviewers on PCWorld were consistently pleasantly surprised by the app's ability to find obscure WiFi locations that were otherwise 'off the map'.
Let's face it, documents are the old school version of communication. The piece of paper is still necessary but the business world functions best in a digital form. So, getting that hard copy contract back to the office as quickly as possible requires either a nearby Staples outlet where you pay two dollars a page for faxing capabilities, of a mobile document scanner that also has the ability to email (or fax for those still in the dark ages). DocScanner has some reviewers jumping with joy at its ability to take a snapshot of a document and instantly send it to whomever you wish. However, it would be prudent to point out that some reviewers are hopping mad with this app's inability to function properly. The start difference in opinions may have something to do with the difference between Android and iphone users.
Still on the subject of documents, we must not continue without giving credit to the ever popular Documents-To-Go. This is the app for your computer away from your computer. It makes the concept of cloud computing tangible. The app allows users or view, edit and create files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Email your documents, store them with Google Docs or Dropbox and sync it all with your home computer. For the travel businessperson, it is essential.
The key to successful mobile work is getting yourself set up before you leave the office. Set up your cloud, get all the apps you want downloaded and familiarize yourself with them. When you are out on the road everything will run that much smoother.

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