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If you want to experience free or cheap VoIP callings then there are lots of VoIP Service Providers as well as VoIP app such as Skype, Truphone and Fring etc. Well, both of these methods offers different VoIP deals which sometimes benefits customers, service providers or many times both. But today our topic of interest is Free VoIP Android App because Android and VoIP are the most running topic of current season.

There is no doubt in expecting some incredible with current technology when you combine these two useful communication platform and device. Voxtrot is a free mobile network site which also stepped in and participated in current technical influence called "Free VoIP". This is a Switzerland based company a week ago launched an Android app which is fully functioned to make free VoIP calls.

With this incredible Android app you can make free mobile calls with present data connection; there is no need to signing up and filling from or getting into some sort of contract. By avoiding all the user registration things if you want to enjoy this free service than just need to make sure that your mobile phone and other mobile phones you wanted to call, both of them should have Voxtrot Android App installed because free service is only available between users who use Voxtrot App.

Points To Remember:

Remember that Voxtrot App tills now only available for Android phones and free calls are only possible between users using Voxtrot App. Furthermore, there is a news and hint from the official of Voxtrot that this service in future also launches other services like cheap calls, landline calls and different types of call packages etc.

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