Why opting for VOIP phones is a smart choice ???

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With the advent of Internet, the option of calling from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) emerged, but in its infancy stage, Internet was unable to provide reliable calling features. Now, the World Wide Web is much more stable and has the provision of making high quality and clear calls using a VOIP phone. This option of making calls using the net is being embraced by organizations of all sizes across the globe. Certainly, when an option of making local and international business calls at the lowest rates is available, why won't people accept it in their day-to-day life?

VOIP based calls can be made using a broadband connection and VOIP hardware that can be placed within the organization as well as off-site, depending on the users. This web based telephoning facility is especially beneficial for start-ups and small businesses, since it does not require huge investments and brings down the calling rates considerably. Such firms can opt for on-site hardware, where the dedicated VOIP phone systems are installed at their facility. Alternatively, depending on budgetary constraints, companies choose hosting service for VoIP, where the hardware are placed elsewhere, while only the equipments used for interactions are on the premises of the firm.

Nowadays, technology has been developed so much that the conventional phones can be used for making VOIP based calls. This can be done using products like PBX Gateway and greatly reduces the cost of installing infrastructure specifically for VoIP, with only minimal requirements being demanded for the same. Coupled with the cheap domestic and international telephony rates, the PBX based calls over the Internet have proven to be powerful tools for organizations based across the world. In any case, it is safe to say that phones that use VOIP adapter help in streamlining the telephony operations of an organization and prove to be affordable beyond imagination.

Among the features that have made VOIP phone the preferred choice all over the world, ACD has been the most noteworthy. It stands for Advanced Call Distribution and helps in making the calling system more efficient by providing various call handling options, such as call queuing, call parking & direct inward calling. While the purpose of call queuing is evident by the name, call parking refers to the process of redirecting incoming calls to unique extension number, which the receiver needs to dial in order to make the calls. Likewise, direct inward calling allows the users to forego the requirement of connecting to a switchboard, but directly link with the VOIP adapter based phone of the person being called.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features when coupled with VOIP hardware has proven to be instrumental in the growth and development of organizations of all sizes. CRM bolsters the existing network and communication infrastructures of organizations and streamlines the operations they carry out. It makes the jobs like outbound marketing campaigns much easier than conventional methods, due to the presence of features like list management, status reporting, tracking of calls and caller identification using popular products like PBX Gateway (that can be used alongside data retrieval feature to obtain the caller's data within seconds).

Presently, organizations are migrating from analog to VOIPphones in hordes and the number is expected to swell up in the near future as the technology develops further. Inarguably, VOIP is the best way to go!

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