Best 3 iPhone GPS Navigation Applications 2011

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The Apple iPhone is an innovative mobile device which has a built in Global Position System or GPS which can show you exactly where you are on a map. This function of the Apple iPhone allows you to navigate anywhere practically anywhere in the world. But you need a program or application to navigate where you want to go, and currently there are many GPS navigation applications for the iPhone out there at the moment. Here are the 3 best iPhone GPS applications out now!

1. Tom Tom

Tom Tom is one of the most famous and most popular GPS applications for the iPhone. The user interface for Tom Tom is nice and clean which is easy to browse. It also has custom voices where you can change the navigation voices from Darth Vader to Homer Simpson which no other GPS applications on the iPhone have at the moment. At US$59.99, Tom Tom is the most expensive GPS navigation application out there at the moment for the iPhone.

2. CoPilot Live

CoPilot is the most efficient and cost value GPS navigation software for the Apple iPhone. At $29.99, CoPilot Live is much cheaper than Tom Tom. CoPilot also has the quickest boot time for Apple iPhone which is under 5 seconds to launch. Plus, with this program, you can also listen to your iPhone songs whilst you are navigating unlike other GPS programs. This software is the most value for money application for the iPhone.

3. Mapquest 4 Mobile

The best thing about Mapquest 4 is that it is free for the iPhone. This program interface works really well and has a clean interface just like Google Maps. The only feature it is lacking is voice navigation and also you need a constant internet connection to retrieve the maps to your iPhone. But if you want a simple navigation software for the iPhone, then this application is for you!

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