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What doesn't the new iPhone have, this new modern day electronic smartphone that has become all the new rage is missing an all important feature - the GPS. You would almost consider this function an actual requirement for a mobile phone but the only requirement a mobile phone needs to have is to be able to call 911 in an emergency. The GPS feature is considered an important one and most smartphones on the market do have it so you ask yourself why Apple didn't include it in its design features.

How Can You Get GPS?

The expectation of a GPS was always there before its original releases. It was clear that the iPhone has a Bluetooth connectivity. People thought their problems were solved just get a Bluetooth receiver and connect it to the iPhone then get the correct GPS software and the problem solved. But not so it turned out that the GPS blue tooth could not connect to the iPhone as Apple products do not traditionally comply with other products this was also the case with the GPS software. What is needed is the additional support through Apple for third-party applications other wise trying to solve the problem of adding an GPS onto the iPhone is impossible.

Of course, there is GoogleMaps you can use to a limited extent only where you can find wireless internet, so obviously not everywhere.

Navizon GPS On Iphone

In 2007 September, Navizon eventually released a virtual GPS navigation system on iPhones. This relies on a Wi-fi and cellular tower triangulation, and is basically a peer to peer system in which users in possession of the software can contribute data. Some say that because of the way it operates it is not as good as the real GPS . The one good thing is that Navizon has a 15 day trial period which lets you test it out and if you are happy with it you can get GPS for the iPhone for less than $25.00. The firmware version 1.1.1. update reportedly rendered the software useless. However, a new version was released, and users can also get a scaled down version of this iPhone GPS for free.

It is rumored that with the new release of the 3G iphone later in 2008, Apple have planned to included in the design of the new phone a GPS realizing that it was a feature that should have been included in the original version. Well all we can do is wait and see if the 3G phone lives up to the expectation.

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