Best GPS IPhone Clone With Java on 2011

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There's no question that for many consumers, the iPhone clones are most than just a passing fad. Many consumers have liked not being chained to any one carrier and having dual sim slots so that you can have two phone numbers or networks going at once, not to mention the bonus features like additional surround sound speakers, FM radio, and e-book readers.

But if there was one thing the early iClones lacked (CECT P168 and HiPhone i32) it was Java and the ability to download third party software and additional games. Java is a huge productivity and gaming boost, allowing an entirely different experience and making PowerPoint, Excel, and MSN (as well as countless other applications and games) possible.

Although it took way too long, the clone manufacturers finally took notice of this demand and rolled a few higher end clones that included Java in some cases, and additional memory, GPS, Windows, and WiFi in others. Here is a look at what I consider some of the best iPhone clones with Java.

The SciPhone Y32: (AKAi68 or Java i68): This mobile is a shake and tilt, quad band model. I suppose if you were comparing it to previous models, you could compare it to the HiPhone i32, except that it's smaller, sleeker and a bit faster, weighing only 95 grams. As a quad band, it works on almost all networks including rural AT&T and Cingular on the 850 band. It has all of your standard "everything in one phone" features including: the finger touch interface; web browsing; email and texting; MP3 / MP4; Bluetooth; and a 2.0 mega pixel camera and web cam. As previously stated, it has the shake and tilt feature that allows you to advance music, media, video, and wallpaper by only shaking the phone gently. Likewise, you can tilt the phone to take it to wide screen. Depending on memory (up to 2GB), this model generally starts in the low to mid 100s and runs up to about $180.

The CECT i9: The i9 is the updated version of the SciPhone. It too is quad band, shake and tilt, and dual sim. The major difference between the i9 and the i68 is that: the i9 is capable of handing more memory (up to 4GB); it has the capacity to record FM radio; and it has an upgraded digital camera. The i9 is also a bit higher priced than the first version, but not by much.

The CECT T32: Of all of the clones, the T32 is the most loaded, with GPS, WiFi, and Windows Mobile 6.0 in addition to Java gaming (and MSN, PowerPoint, and Excel.) Unlike the SciPhone and the i9, the T32 is tri band rather than quad band and it does not have the shake and tilt feature. However, it can hold up to 8GB of memory. Of all of the clones, this one is the most expensive, usually over $200 depending on memory, but if you want an iPhone clone with all of the bells and whistles, the T32 is the phone that to me rings the loudest in terms of having the most features.

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