PSN Back Online - Sony Online Entertainment Confirms PSN Japan Is Back Online!

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As PSN Japan promised on Sunday they have resumed PSN services but not the way customers were expecting, PSN is back up in Japan. My friend in Japan has confirmed me that he is indeed online on PSN but I am still unable to sign in to my UK / US accounts so this can only mean that PSN will return to the other regions sometime soon, it could be a matter of a few hours or a day or two. We hope sony online entertainment will do this soon.
It's good to see the PSN back after such a long time, I know Japan is going through a really hard time with the earthquakes and the Nuclear plant problem but at least now gamers in Japan can enjoy gaming on their PS3′s and lift their spirits .
I for one am looking forward to the return of PSN so I can avail their "Welcome Back" program and get back to having fun online with my friends again.
An excited fan shared the following tweet:

Psn back, psn Japan

But unfortunately it has now been confirmed that unless you are within Japan you will not be able to sign in to PSN so if you are thinking of making Japanese PSN's for the sole purpose of playing psn online again it will not work, you will just have to wait for your region's PSN to get restored.
Sony online entertainment has said that most of the features of its PlayStation Network will be back online. The company suffered a massive security breach in the past two weeks with the personal details of over 77 million users, including credit card details, falling into the hands of cyber thiefs.
Sony online entertainment claims the credit card information was encrypted and did not include the cards' security codes; the company also encrypted PSN online users' passwords, but Sony still recommends that its PSN customers take a few safety precautions as an added level of security.
Unfortunately, there's nothing much you can do in order to protect your personal info once you've given it over to some organization's Web servers. The important thing is to ensure whatever data you have provided can't come back to haunt you.

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