Psn Code Generator? Does The Psn Code Generator Really Work? Find Out The Shocking Truth

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The psn short for playstation network is the same as xbox live. A network where you go online and connect with other players around the world in online battles. Like the xbox live the psn has many great features but some require money and playstation cards to spend in the psn. This is where a psn code generator comes in very handy if you were to find one that actually works. the problem with these is that 90% othem are ones you would need to download which contain nothing but a virus that will contain some kind of keylogger to steal your personal info. STAY AWAY from the psn code generators that you need to DOWNLOAD.
On the other hand the other 10% of the psn code generator do work. it's a matter of finding them. they tend to be very very hard to find. So when you do find one that does work even somewhat works take advantage of it. Recently I came across one of these and was very surprised at how well it worked. It was the easiest psn code generator i have ever seen.
Once you end up on the psn code generator site there is a button half way down that says generate you click that and in a few seconds a psn code is being generated for you to use 100% free on the playstation network anytime you want. the good thing is you can use this generator as long as you want or before it gets shutdown.

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